Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dragon in The Sky: Indp. Pro. 2

Independent Project 2
I used photoshop for this project, and I am actually very happy with how it turned out. I got worried about it at first because I was scared I was going to mess it up. Then it ended up looking very well with the help of Elli B, Mr. Brandt, and Mrs. Fox(ATC). It took multiple printing samples to get it to print correctly, had to edit further so that it printed well. My favorite thing from this piece actually is how the clouds are and how they flow over the moon. I've had very little experience with photoshop but I have had enough to produce this. Very proud of it. The dimensions being 10" by 13".

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wolfs On Ledge. Ind. 3.

Independent Project 3

This is my typography piece. I love typography and so I decided to do it on this project. The deminsions for this is 12" 18". I made the mistake of after putting a gradient from purple to blue in the sky went over it again with black and it made the gradient unvisable. Otherwise however I had no issues with this project actually I am very impressed with how it turned out. I used prismacolors on this piece.

Clouded Moon Indp. 4.

Independent Project 4

I used marbled pieces of paper on the moon and clouds and made an collage for the design. Then I used silver and gold leaf for the lighting bult. Had major issues with the lighting bolt. I have learned to never use the leaf again. It did not work well with me at all. It's dimensions are 10"10". I wanted to do something different so i did a square.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fire in Wood

Dimensions: 9" 13". I used white charcoal and prisma colors on black paper. I actually really like it. There was nothing I believe went wrong. I rather black and white pictures but after applying the color I did end up being pleased with it.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Experimental Watercolor Portrait

This is my experimental watercolor portrait. I used the straw blowing technique on the hair and the spritz bottle in the background. I used a triadic color scheme of Orange, Purple and Green. The dimensions are 11" 15". I like her face a lot better than my own because I obviously used to much water on my face so the paper started to deteriorate and caused paper pulp. So it looks bad. Even though it is hard to tell in this picture there is a few spots where the paint dripped onto parts where it wasn't suppose to. We came to the conclusion to replace the tape that is blocking off the other parts everytime to avoid that I however was kindy happy with it!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Eraser Drawing

This is my eraser drawing i did recently in class. With my theme nightlife I choose to have a car going over a long road in the mountains at night. Then I choose a mustang for the car just because I love mustangs. This piece is done fully with charcoal. One thing I like is the car itself and the contrast between the car and the road. However the color i put into the headlights I would have liked to been able to extend out more so like it is actually in the air but it didn't work because of the darkness of the road and the side effects of the charcoal. The dimensions are 11" by 17".

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Encaustic Painting 2012 Art 4

This is my encaustic painting. Which I'm also trying to show the idea of nightlife within. So it contains bats, the moon and darker sky. I used the color scheme of violet, dark blue, Parma violet(lighter sky color), and green. I used bees-wax for most of it had to define the bats with ink however. I am very proud of this actually. Turned out better than i was expecting. I had trouble defining the bats mostly. It's very hard to define an object using the wax medium.